Roadshow For Rhinos


Save Rhinos • Fight Poaching • Touring Oct. / Nov. 2016

Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Canyon, San Diego, Scottsdale...

The U Star TV Tour Bus rolls again, after Minneapolis, Madison, Chicago, Indianapolis, Mackinaw Valley IN, and Leland, Michigan! We’re heading west to raise awareness & funds to save rhinos from poaching! Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Canyon Village, San Diego, Carlsbad, Scottsdale...

SOCCER SAVE RHINOS? see video link below...
Touring raising funds, to uplift African communities with soccer and more. Saving rhinos from poachers. This effort works, add to the success!

Click link to see Matt Bracken discuss Soccer saving Rhinos.

Anti-Poaching Ranger

Matt Bracken

Founder of 501 C-3 charity

Wild & Free Foundation

To reach Matt Bracken Call: 612-360-3501 or Email: •

For interest in The Roadshow for Rhinos tour event dates

a Matt Bracken presentation about WILD & FREE FOUNDATION,

and LIVE MUSIC with “Krash of Rhinos”

EMAIL: or Call: 612-998-5253